The Leaper's daughter (the script)

Script 1

					  Scene: 1
                                 Title: ďThe Leaperís DaughterĒ

	                          Somewhere in New Mexico
			          Project Quantum Leap

	 Scene One opens upon Samantha Joesephine (Sammy Joe from the
trilogy) as she walks from from Ziggyís machineís, one to another, checking
the readings with a small clear clipboard on one arm and an electronic pen in
the other. While Al is furiously following pleading with her.		
				           Scene 1:

     Sammy Joe: If only youíd told me sooner I might have been able to do  
something about the funding and not only that....

     Al: (interupting) I know. I know.  I shouldíve told you about the letters
but thats no excuse for what your about to do.

     Sammy Joe: Itís a damn good excuse! Iíll prove to to those sorry bastards 
that this project works, you wait!

     Al: Sam how could you leave Beth and the girls like this? How could you
leave me like this!

     Sammy Joe: You know I love Beth and the girls! You know I love you
like a father. God what would I have done without you but I have to do this
for me and Dr. Beckett (stepping into the accelerator)

     Al: I know your just like your father on that one! (As the accelerator door

    Sammy Joe: (screams and trails off) My father!

			                Scene Two:

	A diner in Richmond Va. Aug 2, 1957. Sam is waiting tables in a
small town local diner as Vinton Laurence trying to save a homeless man, a
regular in the diner, from suicide.

    Pinky: (A cocky red head, popping her gum as she pulls a pencil out of her
bun) If you want some tips you better speed it up Vint.

    Sam: (Gives a smirkish smile)

   Ricky a homeless man: You donít exactly fit in here!

   Sam: Yeah well Iím kinda new at this (He gives a smile as their attention is
turned away to a crash in the back, Sam rushes away to the commotion)

   Sam:  (Rushes through the door leading to the back of the diner; a waitress
is coming out at the same time) Whatís all the fuss about?

   First Waitress: Pinky hit her head and now she says she canít remember....
her name. (Before she can finish Sam runs past her to the backroom to find
waiteressís crowded around a girl and Pinkyís nowhere to be seen)

   Sam: (Asking one of the waitressís  bent over the girl on the ground)
Where is Pinky and who is she? (Pointing at the girl on the ground)  

   Second Waitress: (Giving Sam a funny look) Vinton this is no time for one
of your silly pranks. Now help us with Pinky!

   Sam: (Giving her a funny look, helps the girl to her feet as he notices the
name tag on her uniform, it reads, Pinky.. but before Sam has time to be
confused he hears the emerging chamber door opening) 

   Al: (In a rage very worried like yelling) Sam, think god shes okay (As he
sees Sammy Joe) 

   Sam: Who, her. Who is she and why is she wearing Pinkyís name tag?

     Al:  You donít remember! Sam this is Sammy Joe(pause) your daughter!
Remember back with Abigail,  she had your daughter! I told you she was
working with us on project Quantum Leap! Well she leaped when they were
about to terminate the project because of lack of funding!(long pause Al
begans to gaze off at this point)She had to leap with you because the the leap
is set to your lifetime not hers and you leaped first therefore now when you
leap she will leap with you!

    (Sammy Joe begans to take notice of the man in the neon colored clothing
and when the others walked right past him and he only talked to Sam she
beagn to notice that the others couldnít see him)

    First Waitress:  Are you okay, that was some fall you took back there?
(she hands Sammy Joe some ice for her head)

    Sammy Joe:  (Upon seeing Al walk through a table) (To First Waitress)
Did you see that? Canít you see what he just did? Who is he? Ohh my god he
just walked through that table! (pause) (everyone is staring at her giving her
very funny looks) What! Canít you see him? Look! Look! (They all turn their
heads to where sheís pointing) 

    Sam:(stares at Sammy Joe in amazement, turns to all the people staring at
her) Well why donít all of you go to doing your work and Iíll take care of
Pinky!(gestures toward  the women and the door) (women walk  back into
the dining area after some whisper a few words to Sammy) Shall we ( to AL
gesturing towards Sammy)

    Sammy: Who are you?(sammy is becoming very upset and shaken)

    Al: (whispers)You donít remember me sweetheart! ( Al looks at ziggy and
back at sam with hurt eyes)I think Iíll leave this one up to you, sheís your
daughter. (uses handlink to close emerging chamber door)

   Sam: (sighs looks at Sammy who is becoming more upset) Calm down hes
not gonna hurt you! I need for you to tell me anything that comes to your
mind just off the top of your head the last thing you remember! Anything a
name, a number.

    Sammy: Am I dead? 

    Sam: (laughs) No your not dead! Can you tell me your name?

    Sammy: I donít know, I just donít know!(eyes pop open and she gives
Sam a look of suprise) Sammy, Sammy Joe!

    Sam: Can you tell me your last name?

    Sam:  (gives a long puzzled look of confusion and concentration) No I

    Sam: Do you remember Ziggy? 

    Sammy:  Ziggy... ,little guy, bad breath!  

     Sam: No thats Gooshie the head programmer of Ziggy!

    Sammy: Who are you?

    Sam:  Iím your.....Iím,...... I donít think I should explain that to you yet but
I can tell you who you are!......Your name is Samantha Josephine Fuller. Do
you remember project Quantum Leap?

    Sammy:  Vagluey! New Mexico, desert somewhere. 

    Sam:  Yeah thats it! Project Quantum Leap was created to travel through
time within someoneís lifetime in 1995 I achieved that by Leaping into..

    Sammy:   (finishing his sentence) Tom Stratton....Pilot flew mach 3!

    Sam: Yes!

    Sammy: Your Beckett! ohh my god your Beckett. Dr. Sam Beckett. But I
canít remember anything else about you! 

     Sam:  I leaped into Tom Stratton and after saving his life and the life of
his child I leaped and So Iíve been leaping ever since after changing
something in history that went wrong.

    Sammy:  So how did I get here and who am I? ... what role do I play in all
of this?

     Sam:  I really donít know that until Al gets back here! I can tell you that
you worked with project Quantum Leap along side Al to help bring me

     Sammy: Al?

     Sam: He was the guy who walked through that table. Heís a hologram to
us but he is from our own time. Heís the observer on the project.

     Sammy:  Then whoís Ziggy? 

     Sam: Ziggy is the parrell hybered computer designed to run Quantum

     Sammy:  The computer with the big ego!

     Sam:  Yes! Now if Al would only hurry up and get his butt back here.

                                               end of scene 

                                                Scene: 3

 	(Scene three opens with Al very worried talking to Beth : New
Mexico. pearing out over the desert watching the stars) 

     Al: (looking very worried constantly rubbing forhead) I shouldnít have let
her go! I mean what if something happens?

    Beth: You knew she would do this someday this was her project just as
much as it was her fatherís.
    Al: (whispers) I know I just wish it had been later!  
    Beth: She had to take control her destiny! She had to find her father

    Al: I know I know!(pause) Do you blame me for being so worried?

    Beth: (brushing her fingers through his hair smiling while clinging close to
him with her arms around him) No I canít! She meant alot to all of us.     

    Al: I just hope Sam knows what hes doing!

   Beth: Hes never failed you before I donít see why he would now But I
think Sammy belongs with her father!

   Al: (sighs) I guess your right. (rubbing her arm) 

				             Scene: 4
	Scene four opens with Al entering the diner its a few hours later. Al is
very worried about Sammy and is missing her very much also it hurts him
she canít remember him. Sammy Joe and Sam are in the back room of the
diner Sam is doing dishes while Sammy Joe is mopping the floor.

     Sam: Why did you decide to leap??????

     Sammy:  I donít remember but I know it was something I was determined
to do no matter what.

    Al: You were sweety, You really were.

   Sam: Have you tried to retrieve her yet?

   Al:  (sighs) Yes three times! Sheís just as stuborn as you!

   Sam: No! No! Noooo! Al she canít get stuck here like me she canít ruin her
life I wonít let it happen.

   Al:  I donít see how you have a choice.

  Al: Sam your not alone anymore why canít you be happy about that.

  Sam: I canít subject her to this Al, I canít have her lose her life because of
my mistake.

  Al: Your mistake! Your mistake! How can you saythat youíve saved so
many lives and you say it was a mistake.

  Sam: No I just think it was my mistake to influence her to subject herself to
  Al: Why did you decide to leap.

  Sam: It was my dream I wanted to make the world a better place.

  Al: Well what makes you think she wasnít just as determined to do the

  Sam:  I.....I... donít know. But....

  Al: Guide her through her dream... she needs you like youíll never know.

				      end of scene


	Scene five opens with Sammy Joe, Al, and Sam its that night. Sam
told everyone that he would take Pinky home to make sure she was okay,
Sam had taken Sammy to Vintonís house. Sam is making dinner while
Sammy is asleep in Vintonís living room, Al is watching over her as she
sleeps.Sam and Al talk as Sammy wakes.

   Sam:  She doesnít belong here Al I donít like the idea of my daughter  here
with me it just isnít the place.

   Al:  Sam sheís worked on this project for four years you donít think she
deserves apart in it too.

   Sam: Yes but not here, not here.

   Al: Sam you think this was her project just as much as it was yours and
you know it! If you hadnít of thought of it you know she would have.  

     Sam: I guess your right Al I just donít want her to get hurt.

    Al: Trust me Sam she can handle anything you can if not more, the kid is
tough as nails.

		(Sammy is awakening off the sofa) 

   Sam: (whispers) Sheís waking up Al (pointing to her on the sofa) 
   Al:  Sammy honey get up! Sweetheart we need to talk. (looks at Sam)
alone! (Sam leaves the room)

   Al: Sammy do you remeber me at all?

   Sammy: Yes I remember feeling safe with you but I canít really remember

   Al: Okay Sweetheart well Iím gonna have to leave you here and let you ride
out your future but I canít really help you anymore you understand that right!

   Sammy: I think so!

   Al:  Iím leaving everything up to Sam now and your gonna have to trust
him you hear me!(Al starts to cry alittle)

  Sammy:  I understand 

  Al: He loves you and he needs you just as much as you need him right now!

  Sammy: I donít understand

  Al:  Thats not important right now sweety, You will you will one day!

   Sammy: Al will I see you again?
   Al: Of course Iím here all the time.

   Sam: (Sammy leans forward to get up) No not yet Your not in any
condition to be on your feet you need to rest!

   Sammy: (Sammyís protective nature begins to take over) I can take care of

   Al: (wiping his eyes) Sweety please listen to him hes a doctor he knows
what hes talking about!

   Sam: Has anything changed, I mean with Ricky?

   Al: (punching buttons in Ziggy) Nada Ricky still shoots himself Aug. 3,
1957 at 9:13pm in front of the diner.

   Sam: So what do I have to do?

   Al: Correction Sam you mean what do you two have to do! Remember shes
here now (pointing to Sammy on the sofa).

   Sam: So all we have to do is be in front of the diner at 9:13pm.

  Al:  Sam you have to do more than just be there you have to stop him from
putting a bullet in his head.

  Sam:  I donít understand it Al I mean he didnít seem like he would just
shoot himself like that.

  Al: Sam do you think that someone whoís gonna put a bullet in their head is
gonna go around and let everyone know so they can try and stop.

  Sammy: Ecspecially if heís homeless and feels the world has given up on

   Al: Well Iím outta here (stepping into imaging chamber)      

   Sam: Are you okay?

   Sammy: Yeah Iím fine..........I think I mean I donít know who I am yet!

   Sam: Well I mean I donít want you to help in this leap your strained and
stressed from your leap and I donít want you to get hurt during this leap and
where a man shoots himself in front of a diner is no place for you atleast..

   Sammy: Hold it stop there I told you I can take care of myself okay and if a
man is gonna kill himself you better believe Iím gonna try and help. 

   Sam: God Sammy why did you do this I mean theres something you should
know before I say anything else can you tell me what you remember about
me as in Dr. Beckett?

   Sammy: well I know your a doctor medicine no phyicist wait which is
it?(giving long straining look) Both you hold seven doctorates and you know
seven languages and four dead ones I admired you I think ....... You saved
many lives......... something about a farm Indiana I think and milking cows
and college MIT and something about Donna a woman named Donna a
physicist named Donna..... I think I searched about your life alot as to find
out what you were doing and when you started Quantum Leap the
information just breaks off!
   Sam: Well I think I know why you did you see Iím ... Iím your I mean Iím
your father Sammy.......

				end of scene