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~SkaterGirl's Poems~


                The Emotions of the World
                I was hurt and full of pain, 
                So I wished away all the pain.

                I was ashamed and felt guilt,
                So I wished away all the guilt.

                I was sad and I cried,
                So I wished away all the tears.

                I was angry and I screamed,
                So I wished away all the anger.   

                I was confused and I thought,
                So I wished away all the confusion.

                I was happy and I laughed,
                So I wished away all the laughter.

                I was scared and full of fear,
                So I wished away all the fear.

                I was alone and wanted peace,
                So I wished away all the world.

                I went crazy and I begged,
                But there was nothing left to wish away.

                         A DREAMER

                      A dreamer dreams.
                      A dreamer crys.  
                      A dreamer lives.
                      A dreamer dies.
                          THE TRUTH

                         Life's dream.
                         Life's cry.
                         Life's a bitch.
                         Say good bye.
                      LIFES PHILOSOPHY

                People live and people die.
                Boys will snear and girls will cry.
                Things be done and things be said,
                Ironic gestures fill the head.
                The truth never spoken a lie always heard.
                Strnge things happen when you speak that 

                People smile and people cry.
                Close your eyes don't watch things die,
                Turn your head and look away.
                Be alert and never stay.
                When things get tough, don't let it hurt,
                Its just like the world to treat you like 
                      WORDS OF WISDOM

         It seems the world has turned upside down  
         The pace has slowed its all unwound.
         So don't mistake it when I'm wrong.
         Your not misstaken when you hear me say so long.
         It looks as though I've misaken you for the best.
         Your exactly like all the rest.
         So don't forget, when your gone,
         When I throw your stuff on the lawn.
         I wish you well,
         On that trip to hell.
         I hope my face burns on your brain.
         The only thought you recall is my name.
         Don't worry I won't forget you,
         I'll say that even though it isn't true.
         And I only called to say,
         Get your damn stuff today!


United States